2016 The Year That No-one Will Miss: News Events That Made It a Year No-One Wants to Repeat

For many people, 2016 seemed to be a very bad year. Everything seemed to have gone wrong, many beloved people passed away, and the financial news was not all that encouraging. Wars broke out or continued to destroy lives. Political uproars and elections caused mayhem. Even with all of this, 2016 was not the worst year in history or even in the last 50 years. It was very eventful though and some of the events listed here has accompanied us into 2017.

Presidents Impeached – Both Brazil and South Korea got wind of scandals that their presidents were involved in. To deal with this and make sure it doesn’t happen again, the people of these two countries impeached their presidents.
Syria and Russia – Syria has been caught in a civil war for several years. There seems to be no end in sight as even the Russian and American attempts to help, have not succeeded. The rebel groups have ceased Palmyra and brought Eastern Aleppo to a fall.

Missile and Nuclear Tests – Despite requests and pressure from other countries to stop this, North Korea has continued to run missile and nuclear tests. The fifth nuclear test produced an explosive yield of 10 kilotons. This is the highest yield recorded to date.

Columbian Peace Deal – Columbia has been at war with the FARC, a Marxist guerilla group, for 50 years. This fight was finally ended with a peace deal by the president. Many people have been killed in this decades-long fight and the Columbians hope that the peace will stay.

Brexit – One of the events that rocked the world was Britain leaving the European Union. The world stood still on the day of the announcement. Everyone wondered what the implications would be on their trade agreements. Negotiations with the EU is still ongoing and there will most likely be some more Brexit drama in the near future.

Trump Wins – In more controversial news, Donald Trump won the US elections in November 2016. What exactly this means for America and its allies, is unclear. What is clear is that many expect a lot of upheaval and interesting decisions.